Bree Hargreaves has a passion for small business and her community. BizOffsider was founded after she found a niche of small business owners that did not have the time or skills to complete tasks that fell in her skillset. She wanted to help.

With a varied background in hospitality, tourism, events,  marketing, webhosting and webdesign Bree has adapted her business to suit the needs of her clients.

Bree probably spends more time than she cares to admit volunteering for local not-for-profit and community groups, but she insists it pays her in other ways that money can’t buy.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Bree is willing to learn new skills to complete any project you throw at her. However, if she can’t help you she has an extensive network of contacts that she can recommend.

2022 Media, Nominations and Awards

2021 Media, Nominations and Awards

*Bree Hargreaves was nominated for the 2021 CBWC awards ~however due to other commitments withdrew from submitting her application.

2020 Media, Nominations and Awards

Tablelander Newspaper 31st March 2020

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